Storage on the OSN is allocated in standalone buckets independent of HPC allocations. There is a one-to-one mapping between buckets and allocations. This User Guide uses “Allocation” when referring to outward-facing operations such as Allocation requests, and “Bucket” when referring to inward-facing operations such as Bucket creation.

OSN storage is allocated from the resources at the location(s) closest to the requestor with capacity to fulfill the request. Allocations of a minimum 10 terabytes and max of 50 terabytes supporting up to 1.6 million files can be requested through the ACCESS CI allocation process. If you require more than 50 TB of OSN storage, please contact us to discuss the hosting and purchase of your own OSN pod.

ACCESS credits may be redeemed for OSN storage at a rate of 1 ACCESS credit = 1 GB of OSN storage. To get started, make a request for 10 TB (and at least 10,000 credits). After you demonstrate a commitment to using OSN and start to consume your storage allocation, supplemental storage requests may be made up to a maximum of 50 TB.


ACCESS Campus Champions may request 1 TB of storage for testing. Please indicate that you are a Campus Champion in your request.

To get started, submit an ACCESS allocation request. It is easiest to get started with an explore access request, though you may use any size allocation request for OSN. Just be reminded, you will start with 10 TB of storage until you demonstrate need and usage.

  • Go to

  • Navigate to allocations > prepare requests > explore access

  • Click here at bottom of page > submit an Explore (or Discover / Accelerate ) access request

  • Complete the form and under “Available Resources” request at least 10,000 ACCESS credits

Once your project has been awarded ACCESS credits, you will now transfer those credits for OSN storage.

  • Go to

  • Navigate to manage allocations > manage my projects > choose new action > transfer

  • Enter reason for transfer: “exchanging ACCESS credits for OSN storage”

  • From available resources, select ACCESS credits:

    • -10,000 ACCESS Credits

    • Comments: “exchanging 10k ACCESS credits for OSN storage”

  • From available resources, select Open Storage Network (OSN):

    • 10 TB

    • Comments: “redeeming ACCESS credits for OSN storage”

  • Click submit


If you are a Campus Champion, please use 1 TB and 1000 ACCESS credits instead.

You will be notified via email when your OSN storage is ready to be used. An active research dataset can remain in OSN storage for up to five years.